Steps for maintaining your tap machine

Monthly cleaning
Follow the below protocol to clean your tap unit (Shotmeister or 3 Bottle Tap Machine):

1. Turn power switch at the rear of the machine to the “Off” Position.
2. Remove the bottle(s) from the top of the unit
3. Open the faucet and drain remaining product from the system
4. With the faucet closed, pour approximately one liter of warm water into the bottle well at the top of the machine, then completely drain the water by opening the faucet. DO NOT USE A WATER JET TO CLEAN THE UNIT.
3 Bottle Tap Machine
5. Using an FDA approved sanitizer and following the manufacture’s dilution instructions / specifications, prepare at least 2 Liters of solution with warm water to use in the machine.
6. With the faucet closed, fill entire unit with sanitizer solution and allow to soak per manufacture’s specifications.
7. Open the faucet and completely drain the sanitizing solution.
8. Before proceeding to step 9, repeat steps 6 and 7
9. Flush per manufacture’s recommendations and/or with 3 to 4 liters of warm potable water to remove any residual solution that may remain in the unit. Be sure to fill (ideally using an empty 1 Liter Jägermeister bottle) and evacuate the unit at least 2 times during the flushing process.
Note: Be sure that sanitizing solution is completely flushed from the unit before bar use.
3 Bottle Tap Machine
Clean Exterior and Operation:
10. Replace the bottles of Jägermeister on the top of the machine and turn the power switch at the rear of the machine to the “On” position.
11. Wipe the outside of the machine with a warm damp cloth.
12. Remove and clean drip tray and air filter at the font of the machine. The filter may be rinsed in warm water and allowed to dry. A dry filter may also be vacuumed. Replace the filter.
13. Allow the machine at least 30 minutes to cool product before dispensing product.